Wall to Wall

Raw Edges/Shay Alkalay

Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer have reimagined the parquet floor by colour-staining individual oak blocks, which are then used to create a herringbone pattern that is unique every time and can be tailored to specific spaces. By taking a time-honoured floor typle and twisting the core element of it they have developed a highly characteristic mosaic design.

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Technical Specification



Herringbone parquet flooring system

L1000mm × L1000mm, (72 blocks, L250mm × D65mm × H20mm)

Natural oak, stained

Base Colours:
Natural oak, air palette blue mix of three hues, stone palette grey mix of three hues, sand palette beige mix of three hues

Accent Colours:
Bordeaux red, candy pink, dark green, dark grey, dark pink, dark purple,fuchsia pink, grass green, light green, off-white, orange, yellow

Artisan material and process, variations occur. Minimum project 50m2; Minimum accent colour 1m2, 10-15% approximate wastage; professional floor preparation and installation required; final layer of protective lacquer must be applied after installation