KD Table

Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic brings together aesthetic precision and ruthlessly efficient engineering with the KD TABLE. A combination of industrial components and machined steel parts, the table is an exercise in purity of function, form and detail.

KD TABLE H740 H1100 6877 6894 Konstantin Grcic c2019 Establishedand Sons c Peter Guenzel Grey Background Group 01 72dpi

Product Selection

Technical Specification



L1000 D1000
rust hp laminate
KD TABLE H740 6877 Konstantin Grcic c2019 Establishedand Sons c Peter Guenzel NEW WB 72dpi
L2000 D1000
black hp laminate
KD TABLE H740 6882 Konstantin Grcic c2019 Establishedand Sons c Peter Guenzel NEW WB 72dpi
L1000 D1000
white hp laminate
L2000 D1000
black Fenix


Knock-down meeting or dining table

L1000mm × D1000mm × H400mm
L1000mm × D1000mm × H740mm
L1000mm × D1000mm × H1100mm
L2000mm × D1000mm × H740mm
L2000mm × D1000mm × H1100mm

Powder-coated mild steel, fibreboard, black solid core high pressure laminate (option), black solid core Fenix laminate (option), chrome screws, nylon (feet)

HP laminate & Fenix colours:
Black, rust, white

With demountable, triangular legs that are fixed to the frame at a 90-degree angle using metal bolts and adjustable feet, the KD TABLE also offers surprising flexibility. Both robust and considered, the black, powder-coated metal frame is available in three heights—40 centimetres, 74 centimetres and 110 centimetres, with a one-metre-by-one-metre or two-metre-by-one-metre surface area. Subtle texture differences add to the character of the design, with the textured frame contrasting with the smooth table tops. The black-edged tops are available with an upper surface of either high-pressure laminate in black, white, brown, grey or fern green or Fenix—a heat-and-scratch resistant, high-end surface material—in black, blush, rust, grey or moss green.

KD TABLE H1100 6894 Konstantin Grcic c2019 Establishedand Sons c James Champion Insitu 01 72dpi

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