Amanda Levete

The Chester found its inspiration in the traditional form and iconic nature of the Chesterfield sofa. The form was reworked and remodelled into an utterly contemporary design that employs the latest technology to create its organic form alongside the most time honoured skills of upholstered furniture manufacture.

2 LIMITED EDITION CHESTER Photography by Andy Barter

Chester, the edition piece, is a somewhat lateral interpretation of the classic Chesterfield sofa, using traditional upholstering techniques with springs, horsehair and a buttoned leather skin to create a soft, feminine form.

Chester, the production piece, can be used as both a chaise and a sofa. The form is a soft bean shape that has been smoothed and sculpted to emphasise reflections. Low slung and constructed in two parts, the sleek fibreglass base is in contrast to the upholstered cushion insert.