Making Modern

May 18

Tradition, technology and serendipity: the unusual history of the Mauro Chair.

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The Mauro Chair is a stackable timber chair with plenty of character and a very unusual back story. Created by Italian designer Mauro Pasquinelli in the 1970s it has been rediscovered by Established & Sons and its alluring old-school aesthetic and futurist aspirations given a sculptural 21st-century makeover.

The chair had not previously gone into production due to its challenging geometries and curves, explains Sebastian Wrong, design director for the brand: “When it was originally designed you could never have made a sophisticated chair like this at a competitive price point, simply because the technology for chair-making in volume didn’t exist in factories as it does today. Nowadays you can use CNC routing systems that cut into solid wood and make complicated and compound curves, sections, joints and alignments that could once only be done by a craftsman.”